First Love

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First love explores & expresses the experience of one’s first love. And is centred on a speaker, reminiscing about his experiences and plainly shows the innocence of one enduring the experience of first love, and the knowledge that it can never be attained again. From what we can perceive of the text, we can guess that is written in mid 1800, but without previous knowledge of the author, we are powerless to describe its location. Aside from the fact we know it takes place out doors, possibly in a garden.

As it is written in the first person, one can only assume that the speaker is Clare himself, drawing upon his own personal experiences to produce an internal monologue. The literary tools in this piece vary, with juxtaposition, paradox and simile all slotting beautifully into their assigned place, and used to great effect and induce the reader to delve into their own memories, and reminisce about similar experiences they themselves have had.

The voice of the poem is one of youth, innocence and naïveté. The speaker is still young, and yet to experience the rollercoaster of love. ...