First Lady Of The South Analysis

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This is the first source that I came across in my research of Mrs. Davis, and the most current, having been published in 2006. This is an interesting bibliography, because it is about Mrs. Davis’ life and times, and does not focus too much attention towards the Civil War, as a main source of information. The strengths of this source, are that it focuses on Mrs. Davis as an individual standing out from behind her husband’s famous shadow. It examines her as an opinioned, intellectual, and independent woman, who was courageous enough to stand up for her beliefs, even if it caused her to have a turbulent marriage. She kept in contact with her relations and friends in the North, doing this of course at her husband’s disapproval. The weaknesses…show more content…
First Lady of the South: The Life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis. New York: Harper, 1958. One of the first biographies written about Mrs. Davis, is remotely similar to Cashin’s version, however in this original version, Ross does not portray Mrs. Davis as a vibrant woman. She focuses more on the narrative portrayal of her life. The narrative style in which Ross writes the book, does not reflect the scholarly, determined, inexorable woman that she became as a result of her marriage. It instead portrays a story, written in the third person. The strengths of her story, do reveal that she had access to the decedents of both the Howell and Davis family, which was an advantage regarding the facts of her story. In the last chapter of Ross’ final description of Mrs. Davis she states,” She had moved to some degree with the times but to the end she remained intrinsically a rare old lady of Victorian vintage- a woman who had lived and suffered and loved beyond the common lot and was well aware of her own importance, yet could not take ironic note of her imperfections.” This reveals that she has accepted the new age in which she lived, but still held on to her old Victorian…show more content…
Davis and Mrs. Lincoln. It compares the two first ladies as being similar in their upbringings in the south, both being well educated, and coming from wealthy families. The contrast between the two ladies, shows that Mrs. Davis, set a president for herself and persevered against the odds, however where Mrs. Lincoln sunk into a deep depression due to turmoil and death in her family during the Civil War. This scholarly article examines how although there are similarities, Mrs. Davis was able to pick herself up and pride herself with her
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