First European Settlements in the New World

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Colonial Style As the name suggests, the Colonial Style is reminiscent of the first European settlements in the New World. The colonists fashioned their new homes in the style of their homelands; French, Spanish, Dutch, German. The biggest influences came from the British Isles and became known as the Colonial Georgian style. Over time the Colonial style became a distinct feature of American architecture, with each region interpreting it in it's own way due to the differences in climate and available materials. The Colonial style abandons many of the ornate Old World details, in favor of simple lines, proportions and expert craftmanship. Modern Colonial Much like the United States, the modern Colonial style is a melting pot of earlier colonial cultures, drawing inspiration from the nation's birth years. Rather than a replica, modern colonial houses are a nostalgic interpretation of the earlier colonial styles. The mix of the various colonial sub-styles, brings a very distinct new home to the American landscape. Georgian Style The Colonial Georgian style became quite popular in the original thirteen colonies; borrowing elements from the elaborate Georgian houses built in England during the reign of King George I, and King George III in the 1700's. While ideally built in brick, wooden clapboards became more common in the United States. Decorative elements included wooden trim, and wooden columns painted white. Features: Square, symmetrical shape, 2 rooms deep Paneled, ornate front door at center Decorative crown over front door Flattened columns on each side of door Five windows across front Paired chimneys Medium pitch roof Minimal roof overhang Two windows on either side of the door Dutch Style The Dutch Colonial style tr... ... middle of paper ... ...oldings and other joinery details adorn the door cases of interior doors on the ground floor. Upper floors, parlors and closets have simpler versions of the paneled door, with less panels Colonial Doors part 2 Colonial doors always follow strict right-angle geometry. Unlike the heavily decorated doorcase, the door itself is very plain except for the panelling. Baywindows and sidelights are used to make the entrance itself more ornate. When picking a door for a Colonial home try to stay away from round forms, and try to sort the number of panels by manner of importance. If you want to have glass elements consider replacing any panels with glass. Door cases A lot of detail is put into door cases, as they outline the door's importance. Front door cases tend to be extremely ornate. Secondary and interior door cases are much simpler and follow rectangular geometry.
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