First Day In College Essay

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Senior year of high school, I felt confident going into college, I was excited and just ready to move forward in my life. There was nothing getting in my way to success. I started to get nervous about college because there were many rumors going around in high school about how difficult it was. Every time I talked to my friends about college, they would all tell me something negative like, teachers don’t care, there is no support, and schools just want your money. Not only would my friends scare me, but even the teachers would tell us scary things about college. I remember them always giving us a speech about how irresponsible we were,and how there was no point in going to waste our money in college if we were going to fail anyway. This is when I started to change my mind about going, I started telling my mom, “maybe I really don’t want to go to college, I want to just get a job.” But my mom didn’t…show more content…
In my mind I thought, “might as well give it my best shot,” and that was what I was going to do. First day of class in college, I was sitting down thinking, “Ugh! The professors are going to mean, and are not going to care about us passing the class.” When the professor walked in it was the complete opposite. He was nice, caring, helpful, and this seemed to be the same for all my professors this semester. During the semester, I actually suffered a loss that hurt me a lot; my grandpa passed away. The week that this happened I had to miss school for the entire week, I thought I was going to have to drop my classes. I thought that the professors weren’t going to allow me to make-up the work, but my professors were more than happy to help. I messaged my professors and let them know what was going on, all of them gladly messaged me the work. This was proof to me that my professors do want us to succeed, if they wouldn’t have cared they would have just let me
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