First Act of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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First Act of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare interests his audience through showing the universal theme

of love and conflict. He uses different grammatical devices to

demonstrate this.

The first time the audience encounter the protagonists is in the

prologue. The prologue reveals to the audience the conflict that is

taking place between the Capulet's and the Montague's. The prologue

also states that Romeo and Juliet are also doomed. This is shown by

their relationship being termed as a

'death-mark'd love'

showing that their relationship's fate has already been set out for

disaster. This creates a sense of sympathy in the audience for the

protagonists. It also creates some suspense because although the

audience already knows that Romeo and Juliet are doomed, they want to

know how they will get together in the first place if they are in

enemy families.

After the prologue, the play opens with a dramatic conflict. This

stresses how much hatred there is between the Capulet's and the

Montague's. This creates interest in the audience about how the

protagonists will meet and fall in love.

The first time we hear about Romeo is from his mother after a fight

took place. She says

'Right glad he was not at this fray.'

This could imply to the audience that Romeo is a gentle person and so

his mother is worried about him, or that Romeo is usually in fights

and his mother is thankful that he was not in this one.

From line 112 to line 149, Romeo's family are talking about his mood.

They are afraid that his mood could get dangerous because Montague


'Black and portentous must this humour prove,

Unless good counsel mat the cause remove.'

This shows the audience that his family really cares about Romeo

meaning that he is a respectable person otherwise his family would not

care about what is disturbing him.

From line 158 Benvolio and Romeo are having a conversation about what

is disturbing Romeo. Romeo says that that he is still in love.