Firing a Tenured Teacher Over Thoughtless Comments

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A principal and an Assistant Principal, both black - were having a heated conversation with a white teacher and in the middle of the argument she stated that “she hated all black folks.” Her statement had spread throughout the school; all her co-workers had adverse reactions thinking that her ability of being a teacher would interfere due to her racial comment. Her principal decided that it would be better to have her dismissed. According to ACLU – American Civil Liberty Union of Washington State, a tenured teacher in my understanding should not be fired for a comment like that. Rather have a disciplinary action, such us be sent to a sensitive seminar or class. She shall be shown that her comment was not acceptable. She can have her opinion, but she need to keep it to herself. “On-Campus Conversations with Colleagues “School administrators cannot impose overbroad or viewpoint-based rules that restrict how teachers speak with each other during breaks or during casual conversation, unless it can be clearly shown that the speech would be harmful to workplace functioning.” On the case of Bob Grisham, a teacher and head football coach at Lauderdale County High School in Alabama made some Anti-Gay, Racist Comments in the classroom. He also made some comments about the First lady. If we are going to be politically correct, then why is the media able to ridicule? They have pictures of the First lady behind on this site down below. The comments he made, yes were very wrong, but I do not think that anyone should be fired because of what they might say at work. It is just matter of discipline to that individual so it doesn’t happen again. They do need to keep all opi... ... middle of paper ... ...e appeared in real court cases. One way to think of them is as "never-says", for they are things that an employer that wishes to stay out of court should never say either to or in the presence of an employee.” “” Works Cited Kapp-Klote, H. (February 28, 2013). Scalia is Wrong: 10 Supreme Court Cases That Show How the Court Can Advance Racial Equality Mehta, H. (February 1, 2013). Alabama Teacher Makes Anti-Gay, Racist Comments in Class.

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