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FireArt, Inc.

Diagnosis of team ineffectiveness and corrective action plans

FireArt, Inc. has encountered a dilemma where their competitors are now able to profitably make short runs in the production of glass. Because of this competition, Jack Derry, the CEO of FireArt, Inc. has asked Eric Holt to put "together a team…one person from each division, and have a comprehensive plan for the company’s strategic realignment up, running, and winning within six months." Eric, being the newly appointed Director of Strategy, knew his overall goal and creates a formal group in order to fulfill the overall organizational mission of turning the company around. However even though a formal group is created, there is a lack of specific goals and tasks. Eric who only had experience managing working group with professional from similar backgrounds actually created a working group than a team. Moreover, the members did not interact with one another prior to coming together, and did not perceive themselves to be in a group. While the team consists of various division heads of the organization, Randy Louderback the director of sales and marketing does not believe that groups are worthwhile. Eric formed this temporary group, which would ceases to exist once the job is carried out. This group, although temporary, never really gets off the ground due to lack of leadership-management skills, lack of clear attainable goals, team structure and incompatibilities of the group members.

Team Dynamics and Structure:

One issue that is faced by the group is the lack of team dynamics as well as the pressure being felt to devise and implement a comprehensive plan in six months. Some managers create groups to aide in team dynamics as groups serve functions such as organizational, psychological, and personal. The group that Eric set up was created to generate ideas in order to beat the competition. However, due to the conflict from the team members, idea creation was never brought about. Additionally, the psychological functions that give an outlet for affiliation needs and the personal functions of increased self-esteem, increased security, and a sense of identity are never achieved. With the creation of his group, Eric was faced with a peer, in particular, that strongly believes “that groups are useless”. There are variables that affect the integration in groups of org...

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...uctive thinking will help members think better to solve problems and contribute innovative ideas. The lack of ideas is demonstrated on how the first couple of times the members met they had difficulty coming up with innovative/creative ideas on how to solve the company’s troubles. Also, when Ray, Maureen, and Carl presented their ideas they did not challenge Randy’s comment, “Let’s do everything, why don’t we, including redesign the kitchen sink!” If they had, the team could have had an open discussion on the merits of each and possibly evolved into a more cohesive problem solving group.

Lastly, FireArt Inc. is family owned business and probably Jack Derry ultimately authorizes a lot of decisions. However, for the team to be fully effective it will be important for the team to be granted decision-making authority. This will prevent the team from forming easily acceptable and non-controversial solutions to the problem. Once the team is functioning properly any ideas on how save the company must be accepted. It is also important for the team to be aware that they are anchored in organizational realities that are outside of their control and affect the success of their efforts.
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