Fire Protection Review Plan

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Fire Protection Review Plan Fire protection plan can be defined as a process in which people within a society use all means and methods available to prevent fire outbreak, and avoid damage and challenges that the fire can cause. There are many causes of fire breakouts including electricity, gases, and cigarette sources, among others. For the firefighting process to be effective, firefighting equipments should be given to the community members to use them in case of a fire outbreak. These equipments include various types of fire extinguishers. They contain carbon dioxide, water, dry powder, foam, hose reels and wet hydrant risers among other substances (Vincent 2007, p. 351-353). Before any construction is done by civil engineers, a fire action review should be taken (Diamantes 2005). This is done by the firefighting department so that future destruction that might be caused by fire is prevented. Under site review, roads that lead to the construction area should be well constructed to allow for passage of vehicles, which might be used while fighting fire in case of an outbreak. By the time of review, both the contractor and the premises owner should be aware of the benefits of the review plan. The planning process is a way in which systematic order of precautions concerning fire is done to achieve desired goals and objectives. While carrying out fire prevention planning process, various steps should be taken into consideration. An individual should have it in mind the purpose of master plan to achieve the planning process. This allows the person to be goal oriented and makes the plan should a long lasting initiative that is within a reasonable cost. For instance, the expenses used in installing the firefighting equipments need... ... middle of paper ... destruction. The above discussed ideas are vital when anyone wants to construct a building. Every developer should put into consideration the fire prevention rules and guidelines spelt out by the government and other players in the field. Works Cited Diamantes, D 2005, Principles of fire prevention, Thomson Delmon Learning Publishers, Clifton Park, New York, NY. Foley, SN 2003, Resource for fire department occupational safety and health, National Fire Protection Association Publishers, Quincy. Shultz, GP 1989, Transformers and Motors, Butterworth-Heineman Publishers, Woburn, MA. US Fire Administration n.d, Introductory summary fire prevention and control master planning, National Fire Prevention and Control Administration Publishers, Washington, DC. Vincent, C 2007, Building services engineering, Taylor and Francis Publishing Company, Abingdon, NY.

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