Finding the Write Path

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Many English teachers have attempted to improve my writing, but at the end of the day my writing was always just mediocre. I had absolutely no motivation to give more effort than I needed to. Moreover, I viewed writing as a waste of time and wanted to finish as fast as possible so that I could destroy my neighbors in video games or practice my jump shot. My negative attitude associated with writing halted any possibility of development. Furthermore, teachers and the education system made me cringe whenever a writing assignment was introduced to the class. The first teacher that successfully created any personal interest for me to develop my writing was my high school English teacher Ryan Miller. I would have never guessed that a difficult seven in the morning English class could affect me so drastically. Not only did I finish the class with an obvious improvement in my writing, but I also formed a whole new perspective of the world around me. I now realize that committing time and effort can result in a noticeable increase in my writing skills.
On the first day of class, 30-year-o...
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