Finding Myself

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Knee surgery was something I had never imagined going through, my sophomore year of high school. I was quite the athlete and ready to prove my ability in High School in hopes of getting a sports scholarship to a prestige college. When my knee popped out of place while I was playing basketball I felt like my hopes are dreams were now just a story that could of been told. My knee was in horrible condition with three meniscal tears and to top it all off my ACL was completely in shreds. I had to accept the fact that it happened and make sure now that I followed the correct steps to make sure I was able to play sports again and some how still be able to play while I was in High School. During spring break instead of going out and having fun like everyone else, I had knee surgery. I was in severe pain, and my surgeon Dr.Konic said the surgery was successful and after a few days of rest and letting my stitches heal, I would be ready for physical therapy. I could never imagine someone else or one of my team mates going through what I was dealing with. At times I would be in a great mood and excited and happy that I was fresh and my knee was new but then in a matter of seconds I would be in tears and fearful that I would not be able to play the sports I wanted to in High School. I also knew that I was young, and any athlete in the same situation had to be treated with a positive and determined attitude in order to get through this because it was mentally and emotionally hard and physically had its ups and downs. Monday when physical therapy came I received the most determined and energetic physical therapist ever! Leanne was ready to set goals and get me healing to improving my range of movement and strength as quickly as possible, wit... ... middle of paper ... ...criticism or comments, that can actually help you. When I can adapt what I know and a positive, determined and caring attitude towards someone and do everything I can to help them, is what I choose to put in my everyday skills. Being a doctor and being the problem solver, the one who breaks it down figuring out what happened and how it happened and what to do to make it better is exactly what I want to do. Going though knee surgery gives me the extra experience I need to deal with those I will encourage and strengthen in my journey of becoming a Sports Medicine Doctor. Not only did I go through a life changing event but an experience that I will never forget. Leanne is what opened my eyes into what I have chosen to make my career and I would of never thought that going through knee surgery, as I might still say, the disaster, would turn into something so positive.
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