Finding My Identity

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Having an identity and finding yourself isn’t always the easiest task to do, luckily I think I’ve found myself and I’m proud with the way I am and carry myself. Now, most people might not think that my outlook is the best way to go through life but fortunately I don’t care what people think of me. I like standing out and being different but not in a very noticeable way; I am a regular guy, I’m weird, random, odd and extraordinary and I‘ve really embraced the fact that I’m pretty apathetic. I’ve become this individual that really doesn’t care about any outside opinions; as long as I feel comfortable with myself and what I’m doing, everything’s okay. I’ll listen to your thoughts but I won’t pay much attention to it afterwards. My way of thinking about and reacting to certain events is more intuitive that analytic because I just go by my feelings. I don’t overanalyze anything because that just takes the fun out of being spontaneous and I don’t let other people tell me what to do or what to decide. I do everything in my own way and even if I’m wrong, I’ll do it because that’s how I fe...
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