Finanical Economics Assignment

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1. The Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the course. There are numerous of objectives given in order for the students to gain a better concept of the information presented by Dr. Sharma. With the assistance of Dr. Sharma, the students are able to learn about economics in depth and retain information. Within the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business there are AOL (Assurance of Learning) goals that are addressed in this course. These goals consist of effective decision making, proficient use in problem solving, comprehension of the global economy, and collaboration skills. By taking this course students will be able to achieve the goal of making effective business decision by integrating their abilities and knowledge gained from previous lessons. This assignment also allows the students to enhance their writing abilities. Prior to taking this course I simply thought economics was solely in relation to money. I have learned that it is much more to economics. Economics is about the choices that people make due to alternatives. Taking COBU-210 Financial Economics I have gained knowledge on the subject of economics, acquired the ability to understand, interpret, and use macroeconomic concepts effectively. 2. Introduction COBU 210-Finanical Economics emphasizes the U.S economy and the problems it faces. In addition, students will gain a better understanding of the dynamics of a global economy. COBU 210-Financial Economics will permit students to learn effective communication and collaboration skills. Students will not only understand economics but as well as interpreting and using macroeconomic concepts. These course objecti... ... middle of paper ... ...d F. Lewis College of Business, as well as my summer internship with Dominion. I can also use this knowledge and skills gained when starting my own business. I must know how to effectively set prices for my daycare. Prior to this course I knew economics was in relationship to money and the economy, but not by the choices people make. I am now proficient in using different strategies in order to solve business problems, along with a better concept of economics. This course has exposed me to a different outlook on the economy. I am able to take the objectives and focus on the information to comprehend better. With an objective I am able to get key takeaways and use this to my advantage for future test and quizzes. Overall, this was a beneficial class and assignment that has taught me an abundance amount of information and skills that I was continue to use and develop.

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