Financial Market In Brazil Essay

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Growth of financial market in Brazil stimulated mainly through developed markets of coffee, soybeans, iron ore and other minerals. Because prices on those commodities are high, traders are making good profits. The Brazilian sugar industries attract a lot of domestic and international investors and are doing very well in IPOs. In addition, Brazil has a modern financial market; including a solid banking system, a state-of-the-art payment system and a reliable market infrastructure, with the capacity to process ten million trades per day. (Your Partner for Brazil) In 2002, the Brazilian Central Bank launched the Brazilian Payment System, which allows final and irrevocable real-time transfers. (Financial Sector and Capital Markets). Brazil Banking System. The Brazilian banking system was only marginally affected by the Great Recession of 2008. In the first 2 quarters of 2009, the equity in Brazilian banks rose 4%, while assets fell 1%. Financial institutions retain large volumes of equity and high compulsory deposits with the Central Bank of Brazil. Contributing factors to this insulation from the world-wide recession are Brazil’s Credit Guarantee Fund, efficient prudential regulation, a high level of international reserves, a system of supervision by the National Monetary Council and the Central Bank of Brazil. (Your Partner for Brazil) Brazil’s long-established fiduciary system, transparency and institutional framework further sustained their financial markets while much of the world suffered. (Why Invest in Brazil). In September of 2013 Banco do Brazil, CEF, Bradesco, HSBS and Citi formed a syndicate for funding infrastructure projects in Brazil and in turn to diversify their portfolios. ( Banking i... ... middle of paper ... ... (Brazilian Monetary Council) Resolution 2689 requires international investors to hire institutions to act as a legal representative, fiscal representative and custodian. (Getting Started with BM&FBOVESPA) This is mandatory and allows foreign investor’s access to the same investment opportunities available to Brazilians. Foreign investors may find an added benefit in that some of the investment options are exempted from capital gains and distributed profits and dividends. These include equities, derivatives and corporate bonds. (Your Partner for Brazil) There are notable opportunities for investing in Brazil’s financial market, since Brazil is still one of the leading exporters of commodities in the world. Financial markets in Brazil are not stable since there are economic concerns and slow productivity rates which means smaller profitability of domestic companies.
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