Financial Management Case Study

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Financial management classes as the super hero of the entrepreneurial world In the world today, it is obvious that economy has been on the decline for a while. It has not gone unnoticed that the economy is not in its best possible shape. There are still lots of unemployed people, we see businesses close up all the time without knowing the cause of their close up. It has been proven through research that entrepreneurship will be a good way to boost the economy in the future. Although this is a known fact, we are not doing enough to encourage it. Through a survey, it has been brought to light that entrepreneurship has been on the decline. Universities can influence the increase of entrepreneurship by requiring all students to take a financial management course across the board in other to, give more people better understanding of how to manage their finances and to enlighten them on secure ways to invest their money, which in return will give them the courage and confidence they need to venture…show more content…
He wrote the article on the government polices to encourage economic development through entrepreneurship which will be used to support the idea that universities have a responsibility to help promote entrepreneurship. I plan to contribute to this argument by, sharing a way universities can go about promoting entrepreneurship and how we can make it happen. Unlike this article the Bureau of Labor statistics gives proof of why we need to encourage entrepreneurship and why it is so important to the economy This article will help me convince my audience of the importance of my topic and why they should care about it. The last source which answers the question why financial management is necessary, is quite different from the others and I plan to use it to persuade my audience that the solution I am proposing will not be a waist or a liability to

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