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The three main disciplines that I have chosen to concentrate on for my multidisciplinary degree in Social Science Studies are Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies. While I do have a strong interest in Psychology, as evidenced by my earning an AA degree in Psychology, I am also very interested in the areas of Sociology and Women's Studies. After carefully perusing the degree choices available to me from UNLV, I found that a multidisciplinary degree would allow me to incorporate all three of my areas of interest into my degree.
I chose these three subject areas because I am interested in human behavior and its causes, as well as the social behaviors of people and societies. In addition, I am interested in focusing on the experience of women in culture and society, and in exploring gender-based issues. I feel that the multidisciplinary degree of Social Science Studies will enable me to explore all three disciplines more fully than I would be able to by pursuing a traditional major. While there would no doubt be some overlap between the three areas in a traditional degree, I believe that I will be more fully satisfied by studying all three in the course of earning an interdisciplinary degree.
My main area of interest is Psychology. Since I can choose half of my courses from one discipline, I intend to concentrate primarily on Psychology. This discipline is important to my major, one, because I have a strong interest in the discipline, and two, because it helps us to understand how the human mind works as well as how increasing our understanding of human behavior. This type of understanding helps to inform our understanding of other areas of study concerning people, in my case Sociology and Women's Studies.
I am also very in...

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...violence prevention counselor
Home care coordinator
Mental health intake coordinator
Mental health technician
Personal support worker
Resident care coordinator
While some of these jobs may require licensing, certification, or further education such as a master's degree, they are all jobs that interest me and would allow me to both put my education to work as well as to fulfill my goals of helping people to better their lives. After having taken numerous courses in mental health and developmental disabilities, I am leaning toward helping developmentally challenged children, such as those with learning disabilities, autism, and mental retardation. I hope to be able to find a job that will allow me to pursue a career where I can feel satisfied that I am making a difference in peoples' lives and allowing them to achieve their potential and find their place in the world.

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