Final Test: The Last Test Of The Final Exam

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GREAT JOB!!!Exclaimed Mr. Roberts as he was passing out the test we had taken the day before. Apparently we all passed. I’m Darwin and I have always been the smartest person in the class, everyone expects me to be the nice guy and the goody-two-shoes, but that is what they wanted so that is what THEY see. I act all nice and good when adults are watching, but truly I am not that kind of person. I wish that people would stop trusting me with so many things just because I’m smart. Mr. Roberts just finished handing out the papers. That is when the class exploded with chatter. After he sat down everyone started looking at me and giving me thumbs ups and all other good signs. “Thanks man”, “You saved me” They kept thanking me and it was for a good reason I think… this was the last test before the Final Exam and I helped everyone pass. Teachers consider it cheating, but I think it is helping a friend in need. I do however think that if these people can’t pass these simple tests they will not succeed in the future. I have been helping my classmates for a long time and no teacher has ever noticed or maybe they just don’t care. Most of the people I help are rather uncultured, and rather unreasonable. DING! DING! DING! DING! Finally…show more content…
With all my strength my shoulder and his side made contact, I followed through with the charge and I grabbed his legs lifted him off of the ground and slammed him as hard as I could on the sidewalk. All I heard was wheezing and coughing, I had obviously knocked the air out of him. The adrenaline had worn off and all I could feel was an intense pounding, pain, it hurt and as I was thinking about it I looked at the ground and I saw Toby recovering from me tackling him, I started to run as fast as I could holding my side, I decided to run to the school instead of home because there maybe Jeffery could help keep him away from me, also I am pretty sure Toby knows where I

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