Final Test: The Final Faux-Rorschach Test

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The final Faux-TAT picture was showed a few people on an extraterrestrial planet. The instructions again remained the same and for this picture Steven response was, “This story is about the first people that landed on the planet Saturn. It was five people that landed on the planet and they were happy. But three of them discovered gold and they did not want to share with the others. So they thought that it would be a good idea to kill the other two and keep the gold. They thought they killed the other two but it turns out that they were wearing bulletproof vest and stayed alive. And here it shows right before they attack the three and stole the gold from them. And then the returned to earth, kept the gold, and never told the truth about the…show more content…
The final test that I administer is called the Faux-Rorschach test. This test is constructed of three inkblot pictures and it intends to analyze a person’s emotional functioning. As I handed Steven each inkblot picture I asked him, “What may this be? His response for the first inkblot picture was, “This is two aliens doing the Nae Nae and they are both having babies at the same time while doing the Nae Nae.” I added, “What is the Nae Nae?” and he responded, “The NaeNae is a dance.” I then asked him to show me where he saw that. This was a really interesting response because it seem like Steven incorporated movement that doesn’t really exist. This is a sign of creativity because I was able to see his perspective after he pointed the picture out to me.When I handed him the next inkblot his response was, “This is an alien jumping towards me because he wants to attack me. I then asked him if he could show me where he saw that. He pointed at the picture and said, “These are his legs and his pulling his feet up because he is jumping towards me and the arms are out because he wants to grab me and take me down. And these are his foot prints from when he jumped.” I noticed Steven seemed to have a theme and that was unrealistic creatures. This makes me believe that he may be misunderstood and feels attacked by others. His final response to the last inkblot picture was, Steve: “These are two devils that are

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