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The chapter in Monoculture by F. S. Michaels, Your Work, makes many fair points about society today and how times have changed. It encourages people today that it is important to find a career that they like and would like to work in. People today no longer are taking over their families long line positions like a specific job in a manufacturing business. People today have the ability to go to college and find the career that they like and would enjoy working in instead of taking over a family position. In the chapter it also says people shouldn’t be worried about changing their jobs a few times to gain more experience in the world with different careers. This can make it easier for the person to find out what they really want to do and what they are good at. Along the same lines, it is important to accept promotions that will make you more money because today, your class is determined by how much money you make. So asking for promotions and taking promotions are a good way to grow as an individual and help you in the long run. The promotions also help the person to make more connections that can be very helpful in society today. In the book Monoculture by F. S. Michaels, it uses a quote “That long-term employment relationship, with its stability, regular promotions, and raises, let employees plan on owning a home and sending their children to college or university.” This shows that people have to plan for the future and seek jobs that can provide for themselves and their families.
One example of a common case study is the idea of minimum wage. Minimum wage is a very important part of our society today and sets guidelines for every company. This guideline requires a company to pay its works at least a certain amount so people can...

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...ess outside the U.S., but it has more value than damage. It shows people that they are all worth something, even if it is low. This help people and people just entering the work force a good starting point in their journey to their dream jobs and see how far their money will take them at a low amount. It gives people a goal to make more money so they can provide for their families in the future. The downsides to a minimum wage, does push some companies to move their manufacturing outside the U.S. so they don’t have to pay a minimum to its employees. This is bad for an economy and it also pushes for more of a class specific separation instead of a less specific class separation. Minimum wage has many good points and bad that results in much controversy as the minimum is always rising as costs go up, but it still continues to be more valuable to our country than bad.
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