Final Reflection Paper

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Sequence: I use sequence first in all areas of my life such as school, work and also personal relationships. I need step by step direction before I can start any tasks and delivers what is expected of me. I am well-ordered, very detailed oriented and I like to know what is going to happen next. I need time to complete my work so I set a schedule for everything since I thrive on a well-organized life.

Precision:I use precision first which means I need meticulously explanations so I can see the outlook of I am learning. Hence, I ask a lot of questions in order for me to obtain the right information. I tend to become frustrated if the information given is not exact because I like to know the facts of the topic. I like to be accurate knowing the data I read
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I 'll need take a deep breath if my plan for the assignment change, take a risk. I will need to review my steps and plan ahead carefully before starting my final reflection paper. To fully understand the information given to complete Week Five assignment I have to have my strategies in order. By following that maneuver it will give me a sense of accomplishment.

Precision: Since I like to have very detailed information and I also take detailed notes in order for me acquire the right information. I don’t need to FIT that pattern. I will check over my work and ask the right questions to make sure I know the answers to complete my paper. I will go into great detail to prove of what was asked of me so I can show my knowledge.

Technical Reasoning: I will intensify my Technical Reasoning to be more successful with my writing by examine the the assignment to the fullest. I will also stick with the task until I can figure out exactly what is required of me to complete my final reflection