Final Reflection Paper

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665 words

Final Reflection
The concept of virtual classes seemed challenging when I was first introduced to it. Gradually, I felt more confident and comfortable with the assignments and the virtual community of nurses. I am pleasantly surprised how important and meaningful the virtual community of nursing colleagues became to me. Sharing the assignments online with my fellow nursing students enhanced my critical thinking and helped me grow professionally. I feel like reading and responding to my colleagues’ writing through Moodle helped me discover nursing from a variety of different perspectives. For example, there are nurses in our class who work in oncology settings. They have shared their experiences in their clinical settings with the use of alternative and complementary medicine that I will incorporate into my practice. Online community is very valuable to me. I enjoy being a part of the amazing group of people! …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the virtual community of nurses helped them grow professionally. sharing assignments online with fellow nursing students enhanced their critical thinking.
  • Describes how the collaborative lesson and book chapter helped them learn the process of assessment, diagnosis, and planning for the homeless population in their area.
  • Explains that public health officials make efforts to care for the vulnerable people by partnering publicly, managed care, and community groups.
  • Explains that the assignment to conduct a community assessment was helpful in applying research and evidence-based nursing practice to improve the health of the people living in spokane.

I really enjoyed the lesson on community as a patient. The collaborative lesson and book chapter helped me learn this process. I got to apply the process of assessment, diagnosis, and planning for the homeless population in my area when we did our community service assignment. This whole concept of assessing community as a patient was an eye-opening experience for me. I used to be afraid of homeless because I never even spoke to a homeless before my assignment. It was very interesting to learn how to assess their needs and priorities because their priorities are very different than priorities of an average patient who comes for doctor’s visits. I was glad that this lesson was in the beginning of this program because it will definitely help me understand the process of implementation of interventions in the community considering the priorities of different

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