Final Reflection On Aboriginal Studies

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Megann Schmidt Final Reflection Intro to Aboriginal Studies 1.) Throughout this course, I have experienced many different forms of personal growth, but I would say the two major areas were open-mindedness and research skills. Before this course, I alway thought my lifestyle was the correct way to live because it seemed to work very well for me. However, after learning more about the Aboriginal way of life, I have become much more open-minded to other lifestyles and cultures. I no longer think of my lifestyle as being correct, but I recognize this lifestyle is fulfilling and best for me, while another culture or way of life can make someone else just as happy and be just as fulfilling for them. Therefore, I’ve grown to be more open minded and appreciate the differences among various cultures. Additionally, performing further readings about topics covered in lectures and writing the big essay allowed me to really develop my skills in scholarly research. Before this class, I hadn 't had to do much research to write responses or essays, so I’ve learned how to find articles and books that relate to topics using the libraries and online resources. I know this skill is very important to have for the rest of my time at university and throughout my life when I really need to know the facts about topics I’m interested in. 2.) Considering I am from the United States, I didn 't really have an attitude towards Aboriginal community before this class. However, when looking back on the semester, I think it was best for me to have no past opinion of Aboriginal people because I was able to be very unbiased and open-minded in my learning. Additionally, being from another country has given me the chance to compare Aboriginal history to the histo... ... middle of paper ... ...quality of life of various cultures. Additionally, this class has allowed me to become more culturally competent myself by introducing me to an unfamiliar culture and teaching me the beliefs of Aboriginals, so by knowing these beliefs, I am able to sympathise and relate to members of the Aboriginal community. Lastly, this class has taught me to be more acceptable of cultures that are different from my own, so I will be better able to think open-mindedly and be more sensitive when interacting with individuals of different cultures. References: Cross, T., Bazron, B., Dennis, K., & Isaacs, M., (1989). Towards A Culturally Competent System of Care, Volume I. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Child Development Center, CASSP Technical Assistance Center. Sue, D. W., (2001). Multidimensional facets of cultural competence. The counseling psychologist, 29(6), 790-821.
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