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1. The first thing I have learned during this course was to trigger myself down such as relaxing muscle, breather slowly in and out, remind myself to calm. There will be the time comes where I had to use the knowledge that I have learned from this course. The second thing was to be aware of potential hazards in my workplace. As a Disability Support Worker (D.S.W), there will be hazards surrounding us so we must know how to handle the situations by not being potentially affected by hazards. The third thing I have learned was to use “I language” rather than using “you language”. Using “I language” is most effective way to communicate with the clients and other coworkers. It is the way of talking in verbally communication. The fourth thing I…show more content…
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities • I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to knowledge, skills and abilities of Disability Support Worker (D.S.W). I have learned how to approach crisis prevention in a positive ways. I have also learned that those skills I gained from this course is a great resources to help in this field and it is beneficial to the agency. Although by having more knowledge of crisis, I had learned to manage it appropriately. For instance, if a clients get aggressive, anxious or any sort of negative behavior , I would notice the early warning signs that the clients is showing to me. • The main stuff I have learned is our own triggers, attitudes and the barriers. To prevent and manage crisis situation, being “hero “is not the way to solve it rather than being hero, we must be supportive to the clients. In the future, it is useful things we must need to remember and put that on the real life as well as it gives us learning opportunities after the crisis has been…show more content…
So I feel disappointed when I see them being disconnected from our own society and some of those people end up being in a group homes, cosmos or other special homes. We as a people never try to understand that they are like us. They have goals, dreams, wishes and future as well. I understand their problems and now I am able to say I can change them by “helping” and building strong relationship. I will be respecting them and treat them as equally as I treat others. 3. Both personally and professionally, I need to work on being more aware of myself because in my one week practicum, there was one clients who act aggressively, kicking sofa. So on that kind of situation, being aware have a big role and distance also have big impact on the clients aggressive behavior. I witnessed that one of the staff was not maintaining distance so if I was there I will be maintaining safe distance. • As I come from different country, I also have my first spoken language. English is not my first language so I need to improve more on communicate effectively with clients both writing and in speaking. Some of the people with disabilities use “sign Language”. In those kind of situations, we must know the signs and asking others to help. I will be using person first language to show them respect and

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