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In recent years, the field of medicine has been working on treating illnesses, and improving the quality of life. As a result the life expectancy has been steadily increasing; from around 52 years to over 70 years of age. All this is due to the advancement in understanding of health, and hygiene. The next step, or plunge the medical field will be taking will be on improving how healthcare is delivered, on a nationwide level. The rising demands for doctors is leading to a movement of more efficient care. The ACA has already begun to make strides to help alleviate this pressing issue. Another driving factor, pushing us forward will be the cost of care. U.S health spending is much greater across the board for all categories of care, but regrettably, even after all the money invested into our current medical system we are lagging behind other countries on the effectiveness of the care provided. The U.S will need to pay attention to other countries, such as France and Japan, and see what they are doing that is working, and try to immolate their example. With the rising demands of a new dimension of healthcare delivery, where doctors need to see more patients to make up for lower reimbursement, you will soon see some innovative ways by which doctors will be communicating with patients, and still getting paid. Whether measured, relative to its population or its economy the United States spends, by far, the most in the world on health care. But is it worth it? In 2010 the U.S. spent about $8,200 on health per person. The next highest spending countries, Norway and Switzerland, spent at least $3,000 less per person. Other countries such as France and Japan demonstrate that it is possible to have cost-containment at the same time as paying... ... middle of paper ... ...s on learning early on. Working with patients in a service-type fashion early on in the curriculum will keep the students grounded on why they came to medical school in the first place. Historically, American medicine has always centered on doctors, but a growing shift in health care delivery has put more emphasis on ensuring quality outcomes for patients. The new emphasis for doctors is on communication with the patient in an effective manner. You have to explain their illness, you have to explain all the options available for their therapy, and you have to spend a lot of time talking about prevention. The ACA, seeks to push the future physicians in this direction, by providing incentives and reimbursements to those who can effectively keep their patient from coming back to the hospital, because he failed to understand how he was supposed to take his medication.

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