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Over time a number of styles of art as a whole have been introduced and developed. If one was to ask about what tops the list the answer tends to be predicated by one’s personal preference. text defines Renaissance as. Other text define the term to be more about a time as opposed to a style or a certain “thing”. Although depending on how one chooses to define or timeline his or her idea of the renaissance the places and times change in terms of significance to the era and genre. However one cannot deny the appeal of renaissance art and literature brings about a certain heir. The style of renaissance draws the reader (or viewer in the case of art such as painting and/or sculpting) to almost an understood level of sophistication even if only for a moment.
Whereas the renaissance is such a refined level of art in terms of skills and content Michel de Montaigne’s content address a wide array of issues. The content that Montaigne uses as a backdrop for his stories. Montaigne did not steer away from political commentary or general topics that encourage debate or at the very least a ...

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