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The 1900’s saw dramatic changes in the world. Europeans migrated to many different parts of the world seeking new opportunities. The Industrial Revolution and technology witnessed unforeseen advancements. Philosophy and psychology fields expand, science makes groundbreaking discoveries and national pride was on the rise. The effects of these changes influenced the arts to reject Romanticism and Classicism and turn to a modern point of view.
During the 1900’s one of the arts that was influenced by the drastic changes in the world and reaction to Romanticism and Classicism was Realism. Realism is the real or natural representation of humans, places etc. It is the opposite of idealization and challenges Neoclassicism and Romanticism, one of its major influences, by breaking the formulas and depicting commonplace subjects and moral themes. Usually, these moral themes germinated from unbearable working conditions, poverty, and social status, etcetera caused by the industrial revolution. An important painter, Gustave Courbet, aimed his comments at the French society. As seen in his painting, The Stone Breakers, he paints to men working but the latent message is that their work is extremely tedious and exhausting. Another famous painter, Jean-Francois Millet, who belonged to the Barbizon School, created pieces that represented the simple life. For example, Woman Baking Bread illustrates simple life and the life opposite of the bourgeois. Honoré Daumier also illustrated such themes especially in The Third Class Carriage, which shows a grandmother, her daughter and two grandchildren sitting together on an urban bus. Scholars believe that the painting comments on urban alienation, which has been an notable topic after the Industrial Revol...

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...periments in optics and color theory. Today, this technique is referred to as pointillism, which is using dash like or even dot like brush strokes in painting. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is a perfect example of pointillism by this artist. The piece has perspective, accurate illustration of light and color, and has Japanese influences, which a lot of post-impressionist works tend to have, but it avoids three-dimensionality.

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