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Introduction I have been employed by the Otterbein University Police Department (OPD) since April of this year and chose to analyze this agency for my capstone project. I believe OPD is an excellent example of a small agency that has created a close relationship with the community it has been sworn to serve and protect. This is the main reason I was drawn to OPD for the community policing aspect and being able to work with the public on a closer level. Also, I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the way OPD balances the interest and needs of the university with the goals and objectives of a law enforcement department and see whether there are areas that could use some improvement to enhance their overall approval rate among students and staff. Agency Overview On February 7, 2009, the Otterbein Board of Trustees passed a resolution creating The Otterbein University Police Department, per authority under Ohio Revised Code 1713.50 and department members were commissioned as Otterbein University Police Officers on February 11, 2009. Though much thought and research had already been invested into this project, this officially began the process of transitioning the Security Department to a sworn, law enforcement agency. The decision was made to not make an overnight transition to a police department, but rather postpone the transition until the department had completely established the administrative, training and equipment foundations necessary to roll out a professional, competent and efficient law enforcement agency. As such the Security Department’s daily operations did not change until July 1, 2011, when the Otterbein University Police Department (OPD) commenced daily operations as a police department (Otterbein U... ... middle of paper ... ...hen I went through the academy and I always said how awesome it would be to work for a guy like that and now I have been given that chance. He has an extreme amount of compassion for this department and all of the officers. Throughout my time at Franklin, I gained a lot of knowledge in regards to criminal justice but I firmly believe that seeing it in action and being able to experience it first-hand helped me better grasp the concepts. It’s one thing to read about different theories and concepts in a book but when you are able to connect it to real life applications it takes on a whole new meaning. Many “old school” officers will dismiss the notion of college and say the real learning happens out on the street. I believe this statement is semi-true but ultimately what I have learned in school has helped me become a better, well-rounded officer in many situations.

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