Final Paper

Satisfactory Essays
There are many steps that go into my writing process. From the beginning stages to handing in the final copy, there are many things going on throughout my head. From this I have learned to become a better writer and speaker, improving on the things that I once was very scared of. Better logos has been very helpful, as I know give very specific and detailed information in speeches, making me more reliable on a specific topic. Many things in Oral & Written Expressions class have taught me to become a better writer and speaker.
There are many aspects that go into my writing. I enjoy eating and playing video games before even thinking about typing a paper, and it has to be close to midnight. I write better at night, and I specialize in procrastination. Eventually I cannot put it off any longer, and then I start rapidly typing down all of my ideas. It looks like a giant mess, and I attempt to fix it to make into a half decent essay. After this, I wait around a day or two, and begin to put together another essay without even looking at the first. After I complete the second one, I compar...
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