Final Health Project

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After we listened to other people give their reports I started to understand the perks of being a single sport athlete. There are many things positive and negative things that go with both sides of the argument. There is no real side that is right or wrong. It all depends on your personal opinion. Being a single sport athlete is something I have never experienced, and I don’t plan to be until college. Being a single sport athlete has many perks, but it also can set up back in a way. The pro’s to being a single sport athlete it gives you the time to be social in the off season. You also have a lower risk of becoming injured. Without having to worry about other sports after one season is over. With the break in between seasons you can clearly focus on that one sport. Focusing on the one sport will help you advance in it. If you get good enough you might be able to get a scholarship to college. If you end up being dedicated enough, and good enough you could go professional. Being able to focus on the one sport can also be a good thing if you are trying to get into college...
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