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The Colonial Period (1607-1775) was essentially the first literary movement in America. The ideas portrayed within the period were expressed with two main styles of writing; Puritan and Classical. The puritan style was heavily influenced by God and the puritan's way of life. It was often short and too the point, and referred to ordinary things. The Classical Style was usually used to express analysis, theory, and practice. This style was delivered in a way that it would influence the audience. "Huswifery", by Edward Taylor offers a great example of the use of the Puritan style. He used a spinning wheel, and ordinary object, to compare his relationship to God. He tried to compare his feelings in an ordinary way that followed the puritan style, just like Anne Bradstreet in "To My Dear and Loving Husband". She used multiple metaphors to help explain how great her love was for her husband. Although emotion is not favored in the Puritan style, she vented them through her poetry. In the Classical style of writing, giving sermons was a common way of presenting information to people; and Jonathan Edwards is a great example. His sermons were direct and persuasive because he used literary devices that created images in the audience's heads. All of these stories helped to get people to start worshipping God again, thus giving the creation of the Colonial Period in America.
The Revolutionary Period (1765-1790) was considered the second literary movement in American society. This period of literature occurred during the age of the enlightenment; which was known as the Age of Reason because there were thoughts, ideas and opinions that were surfacing. One of the periods greatest thinkers was Benjamin Franklin, who wrote a few stori...

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...t" by Barry Gifford. The moral of the story was to follow your aspirations in life. I also read "Ceremony" by Leslie Marmon Silko. It was about the hallucinations of a man that participated in WWII. All of theses stories contributed to the rise of the Modernism Age in America by forcing people to express modern thoughts and return to traditional religion.
American literature has influenced my life in ways from the way I interpret things to the way I carry myself. I have been inspired by each movement we have learned about this year and will continue to be shaped by them. My dream is to become an engineer and design things that will help people to live more fuller, safer, and adventurous lives. The periods have taught me to become more self reliant and to stand up for what I believe in. American literature will continue to the influence generations to come.
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