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Final Exam: Topic #1
Fiction and Creative Nonfiction are very similar, but do have some differences that can define which type of work is considered fiction, or creative nonfiction. Focusing towards fiction; Fiction is a style of writing that consists of a plot, character, and a place of setting. Fiction are works that are normally meant to be invented or imaginary. It requires a direction and purpose that generates a story that amazes the reader of how it came about. This type of writing allows both the writers and readers escape the real world and visit a dream land, it entertains the readers rather than informing them. Creative Nonfiction is a story based on facts that informs the readers in an artful way. The creativity in creative nonfiction is in the arrangement of words, sentences and paragraphs. This type of writing is not entirely true, the writer can inform the reader by giving the reader enough background so that they know the circumstances around the story. Every piece of creative writing has a theme, and the story and the information are connected to the theme. The theme of the story is the writers message that gives readers a significant point, that the reader can walk away with.
To begin, an example of a fiction work would be “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner. William Faulkner this bizarre imaginary story where a woman named Emily who lived in the southern town of Jefferson, refuses to pay taxes, falls in love with Homer, and later throughout the story Homer gives more attention to men than Emily, and Emily kills Homer.

Emily gets that feeling where “If I cant have him, no one can.”This work has fiction written all over it, the story has a character (Emily), the plot is Emily not evolved with the rest of t...

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...teaching readers something they can walk away with, that is why it is considered a creative nonfiction piece of work.
To sum up, fiction and creative nonfiction are similar since they both are enabled to use literary elements in the story. However, there is a boundary where they differ, fiction is completely imaginative, it is not real, it is just a piece of work that entertains the readers. “A Rose For Emily” was made to entertain readers gothic southern style, the way Homer Barron was found. Creative nonfiction may not be completely true but it is mostly based on facts, and teaches readers the writers theme, giving the readers something new learned and be able to walk away with it. It is true the way gender equality and unsafe working conditions was seen throughout that time period, but the writers theme can give readers the inspiration to change todays society.