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Section A: Divorce is a fairly recent astonishment. Whether it is between heterosexual or homosexual individuals. After divorce you are given an achieved statues of divorcee just as children with divorced parents are given an ascribed status. These statuses will remain with you as a label that describes you for the rest of your life. For children it can cause intergenerational social mobility since we know that children are often deeply affected when a divorce occurs. Socially they may not be able to trust others, and might not be able to have a regular relationship on a personal level, because children watch their parents to see how a healthy relationship should work. These labels can affect those who are from a more traditional family lineage. Society has norms that they see people should have. In the recent decade the new generations have not lived up to the expectations as the generations before them. Individuals are marrying young, having children, and then divorcing they are not working through their problems. The old vows to death do us part have little meaning.
Section B: Now there may be many theories out there but I do not want you to get the wrong idea. Not all of these theories can be of help to your growing divorce rates and broken families. Take for instance the social-conflict and feminist theory where money is given from one generation to the next to solve family complications. Though that may work in some situations it will not work for them all. The major problem with this theory is that it does not focus on the underlining problem; which is the individuals need to work through their problems together as well as holding off marriage until they know for sure this is the right person to be with. Simply handing mon...

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... What should not happen is having children to save a relationship. Couples need to think about how all of their actions as a family unit will affect that child. As it stands it is up to current influential persons to stand up and talk about these issues. The media is a big influence on what we do in this modern time so we should use it to our advantage. The last step is truly pertaining to the divorce process. A divorce should always be the final step and only if there is absolutely no other way to work out the problems that have built up during the time they were together. If couples took their vows seriously then they should always try to work things through until the very end of the relationship. It takes an equal amount of work on both sides to try and fix things once they have turned sour but there is always hope that some how the relationship can be salvaged.
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