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#3. The political party that I am most affiliated with is the Democratic Party. Issues such as gay marriage, abortion, the economy, and the environment are certain topics that force me to lean democratic over republican. Firstly, the debate over whether homosexual men and women should be allowed to get married, and receive all the legal benefits that go along with the institution, is one of the foremost social issues in our country today. For the most part, Republicans in recent years have taken a conservative anti-marriage stance on this issue, while democrats have been keener on supporting marriage equality. While I know this issue is surrounded by religious and political debate, I personally don’t see anything wrong with allowing two people who are in love to receive equal benefits like their straight counterparts. As someone who firmly believes a person is born gay or straight, to deny a fellow human being something as fundamental as the right to marriage seems cruel to me. Another example is the issue of abortion. Along with gay marriage, this issue is also extremely prominent in today’s political discussions. I view abortion as an extremely personal decision between a woman and her own body, one that should not be interfered with by politicians or governments. What gives anyone the right to think they should be able to restrict or prevent a woman from making decisions about her own body. As someone who is not religious, any argument stemming from biblical texts or beliefs holds no merit for me in the court of law. The democrats are overwhelmingly pro-abortion, a stance that I myself follow. In addition, the economy is also an issue that I side with the democrats over. Now I will not pretend to understand how all of the... ... middle of paper ... ...s to enforce the minimum drinking age at 21, or risk losing 10% of federal highway construction funds. This is just one example of the influence that MADD has in congress. One of MADD’s tactics when lobbying to congress and the public is to use “scientific” data to promote its policies. In a three-page report in 1998, MADD board member Ralph Hingson claimed that by lowering the nationwide drinking and driving limit from .1% to .08% blood alcohol concentration, there would be 500 less drinking and driving related deaths every year. The issue though is that even after this research had been discredited by the US government and highway traffic safety experts, MADD still used Hingson’s claims as a basis to promote their legislation to the public and congress. In fact, this tactic was successful in many states that ended up lowering their blood alcohol content limit.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they lean democratic over republican on issues such as gay marriage, abortion, the economy, and the environment.
  • Opines that abortion is an extremely personal decision between a woman and her own body, one that should not be interfered with by politicians or governments.
  • Opines that the democrats support stricter government regulations on the economy. they support laissez-faire economics, but also believe that too much power given to the raw and uncontrollable free markets will spawn corruption, economic crisis, and exploitation of american families.
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