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The Canadian legal system reflects “justice” in our society by having laws that reflect upon our morals. The law reflects upon what is right and wrong, setting out clear guidelines. The laws that are set and all members living in society agree to follow in order to keep our society a safe place for everyone to live within. The law system is there to resolve conflict and give justice to those when needed. The law is continuously changing because our world is always changing, the justice that will be needed with be changing as the world changes. The Canadian legal system is in place so that instead of blaming others for our actions we take accountability for the actions we have done, and are brought to justice accordingly. We cannot take problems in society on as a personal problem we need to take them on as a social problem to prevent and issues. The courts and the criminal justice system help with being justice to those who deserve. Canadian courts deal with both civil and criminal law, regardless of the crime Canada was a way in which they deal with it, this brings reassurance to us that justice will be served to those needed. It also shows society what happens when a criminal act is done, hoping that there will be no reoccurrence. Those who have decided to live against the law and challenge the safety of others in the society. Our criminal courts deal with two types of offences. One is the less serious and the other is indictable offence, the more serious. Regardless of the crime committed there is a grouping where the criminal will fit in and will serve their justice such as others who have committed the same crime. We rely on the police, the courts, correction and the law to keep us safe, and bring justice to those who hav... ... middle of paper ... ...hat is working all together of just keeping the offender looked away so that he or she can not repeat. Our justice systems are out in place and present in our daily lives to remind us that we have the human right to live safety. Regardless of how the offender receives their punishment after the act is done, the justice system will be their to remind us that what was done is wrong, and that from further on we should receive safety because the offender is being punished accordingly and will no longer negatively affect our lives. This may not always be true but the justice still tries its best to give us hope that we will be safe and that our human rights will be protected. So regardless of how different each justice system is they are still the same in the aspect that they all try and help our society live in safety and keep offenders from reoffending in the future.
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