Films Give Negative Portrayal of Police

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From producing too many police movies about police officers that use their badge as a way to run wild. We need to realize that these men and women take their job as a mission to serve and protect seriously. These individuals are willing to risk their lives to keep their city safe from danger. The movie End of Watch (Ayer & Jackson, 2012) portrays the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department and documents what two men have to go through everyday on the job.
“End Of Watch”
The film opens with a high-speed pursuit ending in a shooting in South Central Los Angeles. The officers involved, Brian Taylor and Miguel Zavala, are close friends and partners in the LAPD. Taylor, a former Marine, is filming their police activities for a film project in his college class. Next the officers respond to a public disturbance call. The culprit, a Bloods gang member named Tre, hurls racist insults at Zavala, who responds by accepting a fight, to Taylor's approval. Zavala beats and arrests him, but wins the man's respect for not charging him with assault. Then Taylor has a hunch and decides to scope out the home of the mother of Big Evil. The officers follow and pull over a truck that leaves the house — the driver draws a gun and is arrested. Inside the truck they find ornately decorated firearms and a large amount of money. Taylor convinces Zavala to further investigate the house involved in the incident. At the house, they arrest another man, who is also in possession of several ornate firearms, and is guarding a cell full of human trafficking victims. Suddenly, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrive and take over the scene. One agent informs Taylor and Zavala that the house is tied to the Sinaloa Cartel,...

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...and humane behavior by the police. I believe if we make that demand, we will not continue to drift towards becoming a police state.
Once I researched the history of the LAPD, I found that race could factor into officer’s decisions to stop people, but also to frisk, search, cite, or arrest them once they have been stopped. When a traffic stop has been made, the officer will write a citation lower for black individuals than for white individuals. In addition, black police officers will show much less disparity in citation rates for black individuals. As a result, the black officer is less likely to stop black subjects who have not committed any offense. The movie portrays that when an individual is a suspect and another ethnicity besides white. I think officers will receive more respect and can make suspects or victims more cooperative in solving a crime.
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