Film Review: Walk the Line

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Film Review Walk the Line The movie Walk the Line, is about the life of Johnny Cash and how he became a famous country singer. He was raised on a farm and was very good at memorizing songs. His brother Jack had a goal of becoming a pastor. Jack was working at a saw mill when Johnny decides to go fishing while Jack finishes his work. Jack was seriously injured by the saw and later died of his wounds with Johnny, his mother Carrie and father Ray by his side. Conflicts between Johnny and his father became hard. Johnny later left to enlist in the Air Force. He saw a guitar hanging in a shop and buys it. He begins to write songs which caused him to be discharged form the Air Force for not obeying orders. He marries Vivian and moves to Memphis, Tennessee after promising Vivian that they will live a wealthy and happy life together. During his quest to become a music artist he worked as a front door salesman and it doesn’t go well. Vivian becomes aware of this and thinks that she may not get the promises he made to her. Johnny finds a music studio and brings his band members Luther an...
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