Film Review: The Pink Mirror And The Pink Mirror

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Our freedom depends in large part, on the continuation of a free press, which is the strongest guarantee of a free society.”- Richard M. Schmidt The most significant day ever in the history of Media Regulations was 26th of January 1950 on which the Constitution incorporated ‘Freedom of Press’to empower Press in disseminating knowledge to the public and the government. Although, the Indian Constitution has no express mention regarding liberty of the press, it is included in the freedom of speech and expression under Article 19(1)(a). Such freedom however, is not absolute but qualified by certain limitations under Article 19(2) in the interest of the public. It is noteworthy that, freedom under Article 19(1)(a) is not just confined to newspapers…show more content…
Appu(2000) Directed by Vasanth, a remake of the Hindi film Sadak, the antagonist of this movie was a brothel-owning hijra played by Prakash
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