Film Review Of 'When A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss'

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“When a kiss is not just a kiss” is a play that was filmed by four actors. Those four acted out for an entire college student in an auditorium. The writers produced the play to give students perspective on what happen after someone has been sexually assaulted. The film also showed the best way to handle the outcomes of a friend who’ve been sexually abused by letting the students ask questions after the play was over. The play also showed what was going through each individual’s mind that was involved in the assault. For example, Mike and Donna thought back on the event that lead to the sexual assault, and both had a different perspective on what happen that day. Mike thought he had the green light, and kept advancing toward Donna until they finally had sex. Donna on the other hand taught, she send out plenty of signs to Mike showing she did not want to have sex. The play showed what could easily happen in a real life situation between two people. The film also gave some factual statistics on rape. For example, 1 in 6 men would be rape, and how some men would eventually have sex with their victims more than once.
Sexual assault defined by the text is sexual contact against one’s will and without
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The film also gives advice on how to better handle it if they found themselves in the same type of situation. We can learn from the actor’s mistake and prevent someone from being sexually assaulted. For example, we can all learn from Sandy’s and John’s mistake and be a better friend. Sandy could have helped her friend by telling Donna that she did nothing wrong and take her to see a doctor. John can also help Mike understand that he did in fact take advantage of Donna and should own up to his mistakes. I learned not to let my friend go alone with a boy and be more aware of my surroundings when a friend is under the
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