Film Review: Movie Review Of The Movie Inception

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Have you ever had a dream where you realized you were dreaming and did everything you’ve ever wanted to do? Well then, Inception is definitely not worth checking out, this movie is a Sci-Fi movie that will have you on the edge of your seat while watching. Of course, that is if you can see through the poor script,acting and the lack of confirmation in this movie. A swindler that goes by the name of Cobb has the extraordinary ability to enter dreams and steal another person’s idea. He can dig into the subconscious and extract information and ideas, but this time Cobb won't be stealing an idea, no, he will be seeding one! When Cobb gets hired for one final job, he and his team of specialists plan everything to supremacy because it is a special and high profile mission. But Cobb has…show more content…
this movie has some great aspects of it and I think the way it was made wasn't good, I like the idea of how they Incorporated lucid dreaming into the plot and the main story of Inception which is based on something in real life and how I have had experiences with something like that so I can relate to it. For example actual lucid dreamers have things like totems they use in the movie but instead they have reality checks counting your their fingers as a reality check pinching yourself as a reality check. Since this relates to dreaming i recommend this who is anyone who needs to fall asleep quickly because of how incredibly boring it is. But if you want to watch this movie because of the lucid dreaming aspect I highly don't recommend it i'm sure you can find much better movies that this abomination. Also I don't recommend this movie to anyone frankly it just has too many flaws.The MPAA rating for Inception is PG-13 which is probably the only thing i like about this, since it is a more mature movie less kids will waste their time watching it. Now if you haven't understood through the tone of the review I think this movie was bad, but how