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These days my schedule have placed me on a very restrictive list that I have to chose what is most important in my life rather it be school, work, talking care of the family,or seeing a movie. In which I find vertically impossible these last therefore ,I have not seen a movie recently however, I will give my opinion on what I think about the movie industries on a hole. Thus, here goes do you have a favorite movie, one that makes you laugh uncontrollably you just had to watch it again? Did you think to look at the content within the movie for any notion of a stereotypical gesture or racism? Now your favorite movie is ruined and you feel offended. The world has been intolerant and discriminating of people different from themselves.
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It has defied the Civil Rights Act and the goal it aimed to achieve, equality for all. In turn, it is making a mockery of cultures and leaving many defenseless races. Overall the contentious issue surrounds the continuous obliteration of one’s race. Although Hollywood have improved their perception of who should be on the big screen, the issue of race is still evident within the movies.During the 1950s and 60s, the Civil Rights Movement was a form of various protests against the segregation and oppression African-Americans endured by the white oppressors. These protest were a way to draw attention to the long standing issue of racial disparity between blacks and whites, minority vs. majority. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 combatted and reigned victory for many races other than blacks. But even today, the races that are still being attack and downsized are in the very films we enjoy today are Latinos, African-Americans, Asians and every other minority that isn’t white. The movies that involve a predominantly black, always dates back to history letting everyone relive slavery. I have never…show more content…
These films are meant to say that, this is your history and it’s all you will ever be. For example, movies such as 12 Years a Slave (2013), The Help (2011), and The Butler (2013). My position here is, in each movie there is the essence of what the race is supposed to look like, in both the help and the butler blacks were the maids, and the butlers, why? In 12 years a slave was about a free black man during the mid-1800s, but was sent back into slavery for 12 years for mistaken identity; thrown back into the fire after his burns were healed. The movies were consistent in reminding the minority blacks that there is now way out.
Why not focus on the positive history of black people? Throughout American history there were many innovative African-Americans who shaped the country for the better, such as Garret Morgan who reinvented the patented traffic lights we abide by today. Many people don’t know of these investors because they weren’t widely acknowledged throughout the media.“You would think in 2016 Hollywood would have evolved from such reductive narratives about
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