Film Industry: Office Space and Visioneers

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In the words of my father, the business owner, “being stuck in a schedule is similar to being trapped in a labyrinth from hell.” Depending on a specific person, a scheduled routine may be appreciated, however it is not to all people. People rely on schedules to fulfill their priorities for the day, like actors following a script. Society presents the issue of becoming a puppet to a scheduled routine in an individual’s life. This topic raises great controversy towards the irony of the schedule controlling people, rather than the people controlling the schedule. Stephen Covey states, “The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” (Brainy). Workers are so preoccupied with their work and scheduled routine, that they miss out on their priorities. These priorities involve love and relationship, family, friends, and quality of life. In the films Office Space and Visioneers, work is portrayed as an inevitable part of life. However the films do not present a strong argument concerning the negative effects work has on its workers pertaining to their schedules and routines, which can lead to depression and stress.
Office Space is a film which illustrates the dread of the workplace through its characters. Peter Gibbons, the main character, despises the work system and is fed up with his bosses. He follows a day-to-day schedule involving the same routines which are; waking up early, getting stuck in traffic, being hassled by bosses, going home, watching television, and repeat. Schedules control the lives of individuals, rather than the individuals controlling the schedule. Following the schedule over and over again is unhealthy and can cause depression (Gomez 1). Depression causes people stress, sadne...

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...time, but also consumes a person’s will to dream. The workplace uses scape-goats to coerce a worker into feeling and believing in a certain way. Remain in charge of the schedule, and not become the helpless complier.

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