Film Director Hayao Miyazaki 's ' The Bath House '

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The animated film director Hayao Miyazaki is most known for his 2001 film Spirited Away. The film centers around the character Chihiro who finds herself stuck into a spirit world after her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba. With her parents cursed, Chihiro is forced to work for her and her parents freedom. Miyazaki uses the bath house and the witch Yubaba to depict the greed and materialism that surfaces within a capitalist society. The film begins with Chihiro and her parents driving to their new home. Her father decides to take a shortcut and the family comes across an abandoned theme park. As they wander around the park, they see a stall that is serving fresh food. Her parents immediately sit down and start to eat the suspicious food without a care. Chihiro, who has grown irritated and worried about the abandoned park, questions her parents actions. Her father replies “Don’t worry, you’ve got Daddy with you. He’s got credit cards and cash!” Miyazaki uses this initial scene to display the inherent greed that is present in capitalism. Chihiro’s parents felt that because they had money, they were allowed to greedily eat the food they saw without permission. This resulted in the parents being cursed and transformed into pigs. With her parents now transformed into pigs, Chihiro is fully submersed into the spirit world that is the theme park. She eventually finds out, through the character Haku, that the only way for her to exist in the spirit world is by working for the witch Yubaba at the bath house. With her parents cursed, Chihiro is forced to work for her and her parents freedom. Her transition from child to laborer is used by Miyazaki to represent Chihiro’s entrance as a working-class worker into the capital... ... middle of paper ... ...til Haku points it out that something precious to her has been replaced. Yubaba believes that Haku is talking about her gold initially until she finally understands that her means Boh. She is so absorbed into the wealth that the bath house gives her that she didn’t even recognize that her baby was actually her henchman in disguise. Miyazaki uses Yubaba to emphasize how materialism has caused her to lose sight of her family and focus solely on earning as much gold as she can. Hayao Miyazaki’s film is a depiction of how capitalism has changed and affected societies. Under Yubaba’s rule, all of the workers become corrupt and greedy to gain as much as they can. Yubaba is just a materialistic woman who only cares about how much she is making, and how much she can continue to make. The greed and materialism that is shown in the film is what sustains the capitalist system.

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