Film Analysis of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore

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Film Analysis of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore

In the recent film “Bowling for Columbine,” Michael Moore claims that

fear drives people to violence; a short animation clip is also used by

Michael Moore to depict the history of the United States in the

documentary. The animation brought out a number of issues that set

people thinking. Issues on race, fear and violence are also discussed

in the documentary (as well as the interview of Oprah Winfrey and

Michael Moore.)It is shocking to realize how people have got involved

in the culture of fear, and violence. The discrimination of the blacks

in America is also discussed in the film. Having watched this

documentary, I was totally appalled. Thoughts went through my head,

and questions were left unanswered. Are people treated justly and

equally? It seems to me that the answer is no. The world did not seem

safe anymore, and an example of that being that bullets were made

easily available in stores such as “K-mart”.

“It’s an American tradition; it’s an American responsibility to be

armed. If you’re not armed you’re not responsible.” is a quote given

by a militia member. It seems to me that the Americans are caught up

in their own world only worried about themselves. There is some form

of self-obsession going on in the country, as people only care about

their own well being, and another example is a quote given by a female

militia member “Because, being a female, for one, I felt it was

important to be able to protect myself with the best means possible.

And one of those means is having a gun. When a criminal breaks in to

your house, who is the first person you’re going to call? M...

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... of guns, for example the killings of student in Columbine. In my

opinion, “The biggest problem has been the gun possession by these

adolescents in suburbia.” The six year old boy killing his classmate

as the gun was of easy accessibility. All of these could have been

avoided if fewer guns are involved. And with fewer guns, there would

be less violence, more peace and security for the citizens of America.

Thus in conclusion, I believe that more effort could be put in to stop

all the issues of fear, killings and discrimination. Most of the

issues could be avoided if people stopped being so paranoid and

self-centred. I believe that the issues on killings and violence can

be resolved peacefully without the involvement of guns. If people were

to trust each other more, the world would be a much better place to

live in.
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