Film Analysis: Twilight Vs Twilight

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Taking inspiration from the recent trend of book adaptions and fantasy, young adult, and coming of age stories; (think of title) would be an excellent film for young audiences. By incorporating new and diverse faces in the production, there should be a fresher quality to the story line. Similar to the Hunger Games (Ross, 2012) and Harry Potter (Columbus, 2001) movie franchise, (title) has the potential to make a chain of movies bigger than Twilight (Hardwicke, 2008). The general outline will follow its’ processors by creating a basic plot that could built upon with later sequels. A take on the boy meets girl teen angst will gain an additional edge by its ethnically diverse cast and its focus on an intricate plot rather than gimmicks. The main…show more content…
Canada would be an ideal location because of its similarities to American neighborhoods and how cheap it is to shoot there compared to an American city. If this film is able to go the animation route, most of the settings and backgrounds should portray a rural and suburban setting. These sets and backgrounds should be animated using bright and colorful hues to set the light and playful tone. The sets would be everyday locations such as fields, schools, houses, shops, neighborhoods, etc. An intricate space ship would have to be provided, but besides this set piece, most of the settings will reflect mundane human life. By incorporating typical locations and props for most of the film, it adds to the everyday life meets supernatural aspect. Similar to the Twilight series, this tactic strengthened the mystical boy meets girl theme of the film.
This film’s mise-en-scène will be complicated. (title)’s pacing will have to create a comprehensive story with continuity in a short amount of time. A pacing and narrative structure similar to Hugo (Ebert, 2011) will be the best comparison to (title)’s use of mise-en-scenè. In order to visually express points of the plot, a variation of camera angles will need to be applied. As a live action film, by employing various camera angles, the film will maintain its fantastical and imaginative
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