Film Analysis Of The Movie: The Right Stuff

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I. Movie Title: The Right Stuff

II. Major Characters: Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, Alan Sheppard, Gordo Cooper, Gus Grissom

III. Historical Time Period: America in the 1940’s (during space exploration)

IV. Film Plot: This film pretty much is all about the advances in American technology and how it affected the space race against the Soviets. It revolves around the Mercury 7 crew and test pilots competing with Soviets for the race to outer space.

V. Film summary: The Right Stuff begins during the time of 1947, on an an air force base called Muroc Army Air Field. At this time many test pilots are trying out new advanced air craft carriers that are capable of breaking the sound barrier. At this time, Chuck Yeager is offered to test the X-1, an aircraft that can break the speed of sound, but he was previously in a horseback riding accident in which he broke a few of bones prior. He is fearful that this accident will limit him to be able to fly the X-1. So, later on Yeager is able to carry out his mission and for the first time actually break the speed of sound. The film then progresses to the year 1953 at Edwards Air Force Base, which is the exact same air force base, but it was renamed after one of the test pilots that died in a mission. At this time, Yeager and other test pilots compete to se who actually has the right stuff. The USSR launched Sputnik, the first satellite into space which scares the US because it is the first major advancement in space technology. This event puts the space race between the United States and the USSR into full effect. At this time the names Alan Sheppard and John Glenn become apparent. As the film continues, seven final astronauts are chosen to form the Mercury 7. Many men were not selected, like Ch...

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...eorge to develop a sense of gratuity. I enjoy movies where someone is able to be the person to help open another’s eyes to what they should be fortunate for.

VII. This film helped to show how hard the Great Depression hit small towns and how it affected many people’s family lives. It created a visual of how people learned to appreciate what they have and come together. Also how people overcame what they lost.

VIII. Awards Received: nominated for five oscars, and also won a Golden Globe award, CEC award, NBR award, National Film Registry award (

IX. My Ratings: I thoroughly enjoyed the movie It’s a Wonderful Life because the story was an eye opener to me. It helped me to develop a sense of appreciation to what I have. I finally understand why it is my moms favorite movie. LOL

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