Film Analysis Of The Movie 'It'

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Everyone has a fear. The movie IT, which came out in 2017, directed by Andrés Muschietti, likes to show us our worst fears. The movie’s sole purpose is fear itself, and it does an excellent job at that. The movie IT appeals to viewers through depth of characters and great storytelling. The movie IT is about seven kids overcoming an ancient evil that torments their town of derry. The movie starts out showing the audience one of the most iconic scenes from the original 1990 rendition of IT where Georgie, Bill Denbrough’s little brother, goes out to play in the rain with a paper boat. Following that paper boat down stream it falls into a sewer drain, at that moment Georgie meets IT, also know as Pennywise the dancing clown. The clown talks to Georgie trying to lure him in, when Georgie gets close pennywise bites his arm off and drags Georgie into the sewer. After the starting scene It cuts to present time and introduces all the characters and how the characters met each other, we then find out that they call their little group of friends the…show more content…
The movie uses quite a bit of logos, the main form of this to me was the assumption that everything is against you when you're a kid. The director gives many examples of this claim by showing us and overwhelming amount of bad that happens to the losers club. The losers club not only had to fight off an evil clown trying to kill them but they also had to deal with bullies and they had to deal with the fact that none of the parents in derry cared about what was happening to them. So it was like the loser club was alone. Overall I thought IT was a great movie with fantastic acting and storytelling. The movies soul purpose was to scare you and I think it successfully did that with the help of a great cast and director. Everyone is scared of something, and I think the movie accomplished that in many
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