Film Analysis Of The Movie 'Blackfish'

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SeaWorld has been around for many years now and they are known for their performance with orcas. In addition to that, SeaWorld has recently announced that they agreed to end captive breeding of killer whales. In the documentary “Blackfish,” released in 2013, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite created this documentary to inform the audience that holding orcas in captivity is unhealthy for them and perilous to trainers. The film primarily to inform viewers on the inhumane treatment and unlivable conditions of whales at amusement parks, mainly directing it towards SeaWorld. Cowperthwaite uses shocking footage and personal interviews to provide a powerful impact on the general audience. In the documentary, there are showcase of diagetic sounds, full shots, tone filters, and many more to create an impact documentary to the audience. In this documentary, former trainers from Sea Land, SeaWorld, and others talk about their experience with orcas and their opinion of keeping them in captivity. The purpose of this film is to inform audience about the amusement…show more content…
The interviews with the trainers and family member is one of the strongest points in the documentary. It conveys the message towards the general audience with emotions and facts. Since these are real people and real stories, they can most definitely see how keeping the orcas in captivity is unjust. Most of the general public did not have a clue that some trainers have died from killer whale attacks. They usually think it’s the trainers fault because companies, like SeaWorld, covers it up by blaming the deceased trainers. One of the weaknesses in the documentary is the amount of people and whales. It is hard to keep up with that many people unless there is a list of them all, along with their occupation. Other than that, the documentary was overall

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