Film Analysis Of The Movie 'Big Night'

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Reflection #1: Big Night Big Night has a very impactful message of what it means to affirm our humanity and creatively shows how we go about embracing this can be either good or bad for those around us. I do not believe that it is accurate to classify the term “humanity” as morally good actions done to help our fellow mankind, but rather believe that “affirming our humanity” refers to exemplifying what makes us truly human. This includes a wide spectrum of morality and ethics which must be embraced in order for us to fully understand ourselves. I believe Big Night is a film that boldly illustrates the wide range of things that make us human, whether they be good or bad. Applying a literary lens to our mind while watching Big Night allows the viewer to see how some of the plot styles used in this film, particularly comedy, tragedy and rebirth, relate to this idea of affirming our humanity albeit in drastically different ways. Using a scriptural lens, we can reveal other aspects such as corruption and redemption story arcs and how they relate to affirming what it…show more content…
It reveals that Big Night is also story of redemption. This redemption story arc also reaffirms humanities ability to overcome darkness and embrace one’s moral goodness. The final scene of the movie is critical to showing the redemption aspect of this film. By the simple act of sharing a meal in silence and putting each other’s arm around the other, Secondo and Primo rescue their relationship from the pitfalls of embracing their life’s work too intensely and rather they appear to come to the realization that they must first and foremost embrace their duty to be good and loyal brothers to one another. The redeeming acts of the brothers are similar to redeeming acts in the Bible, therefore both preach similar messages about humanities ability to find salvation and redemption despite previous actions or
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