Film Analysis Of The Film 'The Man From Nowhere'

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Directed by Jeong Beom Lee, this film titled The Man From Nowhere, revolves around a mysterious pawn-shop owner named Taesik and his young neighbor, Somi. Taesik, an ex-special agent with a history of a violent past was soon face with another danger when his next-door neighbor, and only friend, gets abducted by a ring of drug and organ traffickers. Somi, a young daughter of a drug addict and an exotic dancer, was soon paying for the price of her mother’s dirty deeds. Stealing narcotics from the drug lords, the mother then hands them to Taesik to store in his pawnshop without him knowing. The story then focuses more on Taesik, and his depressing past of losing his pregnant wife to an assassin. I see the film as if it was geared towards the…show more content…
But as I watched the film again, I came to realize that I was starting to empathize more with Somi than Taesik. Somi’s mother was eventually murdered by the drug lords, and now Somi has no one to turn to but Taesik. In the beginning, the film gives a slight hint that Somi is a loner. She is often recognized as a thief by the locals and no one wanted to associate with her because of her mother’s reputation. The only person she was able to interact with was Taesik. The film did not portray any scenes where Somi was able to interact with her mother. The viewers do not know if she even did interact with her mother at all in the first place. Although to me, as an observer, Somi 's character clearly depicted that she was anti-social, which may be the effect of her loneliness (“The Dangers of Loneliness”). Although the audience can see that Somi is lonely, the focus on her life is so limited, that this causes the viewer to lack a sufficient amount of empathy for…show more content…
I understand that Taesik went from this mysterious, cold, and detached kind of man to this character who became the emotionally attached fatherly figure for Somi. However, because of this progression, I believe that this is why some viewers are empathizing more for him. This puts Somi out of focus in the film. On tvtropes website, their article “Character Focus” states, “Be careful, though. While fans of a particular character may enjoy a tale centered solely on that character, when the camera 's zoomed in on one person, everyone else is Out of Focus…” A quote interpreting that it may seem like a good idea to give this character all this “attention,” however it may divert the audience away from enjoying the rest of the film because other characters are not involved enough. That is why I think that director Jeong Beom should have taken this into consideration. Or maybe he could have just focused on this “girl with difficult living condition” when he was interviewed about the news article that he was inspired

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