Film Analysis Of The Film Remember The Titans

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The drama film The Help set in the midst of civil rights movement 1960’s, determined aspiring writer Skeeter invokes on the journey of attempting to give Mississippi’s black maids a chance to tell their stories and overcome racial discrimination. Like-wise the film Remember the Titans details the adversities faced when a black coach is appointed head coach of the first integrated football the Titans, but Cooch Boone not only wins the hearts of the community but changes their views on racial discrimination. Although these films are set are a century apart, together they both bring the issue to the viewer’s attention effectively, through visual conventions including mise-en-scene, cinematography and post production.

The Help set in the 1960’s,
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The help presents how when coloured people come together and share their stories, a change can happen for the better. This is evident later in the film when Skeeter talks to Jackson and Aibileen about her job offer, in New York. The camera angle is medium shot, eye level showing how they have mutual respect for each other, they are holding hands which conveys how they worked together to assist change the community’s views on “the help”. This scene also represents how in the community of Mississippi have come together to try accept people for their differences. Even though the character Hilly does not change her thoughts and views on the black race throughout the whole film and still believes that she is inferior. Hilly lies to protect her own integrity “that book is garbage, I bet that whole thing is made up by some Negro”. Whilst she expresses this, there is a low camera angle to represent how she is now the minority and is lying to try protect herself and convince others they are wrong. Whilst the film Remember the Titans displays how the sport, football, was able to bring down the barrier between black and white. After the Titans won the semi-final to get into the grand-championships it is clear that the community has changed and grown together as one. A prime example of this is when coach Boone comes home to his family, around him are both white and black people cheering him together as finally the whites realise that there is no need for the discrimination against such a great coach. Lastly after the Titans win the Championship both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast hold up the game ball in victory, the lightening is bright and their hands are together to present how they have overcome their differences of racism and work together to achieve the best. Together both films have been effective in bringing the important issue of racial discrimination to the viewers’ attention by
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