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Chapter 2- In the film August in Osage County, a family dinner is used to reveal secrets and change the course of the plot. This scene is important because major plot features come to light. The characters take this time to share berate one another’s life choices. Anger at the mother’s drug addiction, the father’s death, an incestuous relationship, and previous actions towards others escalate the tensions; thus, the dinner also serves to cleanse the family of their secrets.
Chapter 3- The essentials of a vampire story are “an older figure representing corrupt, outworn values; a young, preferably virginal female; a stripping away of her youth, energy, virtue; a continuance of the life force of the old male; the death or destruction of the
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The film contains an evil stepmother, evil stepsisters, a prince, a fairy godmother, and the iconic damsel in distress. These parallels allow a humorous twist to be put on the classic and make the twists that Levine adds to the classic more ironic. One example of an ironic twist in the film is in the beginning scene when Ella’s fairy godmother gives her the gift of obedience. This twist seems ironic because throughout the film the viewer notices that Ella’s gift is really a curse; however, in the original fable, Cinderella’s gifts were truly gifts.
Chapter 10- In John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath, weather is used to set the solemn mood of the story. The novel is set in the 1920’s during the Dust Bowl, and follows the lives of a family on their westward trek to the supposedly more prosperous California. The family’s trek is as gloomy and barren as the family’s situation. However, at the end of the novel, a torrential rain brings not only renewal but also a new threat to the family. The change in weather brings an air of hope to the end of the novel while also foreshadowing another potential time of hardship for the
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Harry Potter’s lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead is acquired through a curse placed upon him as a baby by Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard ever known. This shape of this scar is important because when Harry was cursed a piece of Voldemort’s soul entered Harry, or in other terms, a “spark” of Voldemort’s life entered Harry. The location of the scar is also very important. Because it is highly visible, it can be inferred that it is symbolic for the all characters in the books. It seems to be a constant reminder that Harry Potter is the world’s only hope for survival when Voldemort decides to take

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